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Company Pages
Bell Laboratories -- Fantastic company where I work, part of Lucent Technologies.
Intel -- Largest chip manufacturer
Lexmark -- Manufacturer of great printers
Microsoft -- Developer of bad software.
Seagate -- Manufacturer of hard drives
Sun Microsystems -- Largest UNIX workstation manufacturer
Western Digital -- Manufacturer of hard drives

US Postal Service: ZIP Code Lookup
US Postal Service: ZIP Code +4 Lookup
World Birthday Web -- Database of Birthdays

Babylon 5 Official WebSite -- My favorite TV series
Babylon 5, The Lurker's Guide to -- My favorite TV series
Dilbert, Official Website -- Scott Adams comic strip
Internet Movie Database (IMDb) -- Comprehensive database of movies with reviews and ratings from users
Jethro Tull WWW Server -- My favorite band. Not a pretty Web site, but some decent info nonetheless.
Netrek Home Page -- Info on one of my favorite, and quite ancient, games
Netrek Paradise -- Variant of Netrek with nicer graphics.
PBS Online -- Main page for the Public Broadcasting System

Government Sites
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Home Page
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Home Page
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Home Page
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Home Page
Library of Congress Home Page
United States Intelligence Community Home Page
White House -- Cool site with tour, info on the president, etc.

Internet Access Providers

Native American Issues
Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource
Iroquois Constitution -- Complete text of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Gayanashagowa (the Great Binding Law)
Leonard Peltier, The Case of
Oneida Nation
Sioux Nation Guide -- Lakota "Tourism" Guide

Politics (Internet Freedom)
24 Hours of Democracy -- Lots of great articles
Center for Democracy and Technology
The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Acronym and Abbreviation Server
Benchmark Comparison Lists -- PC benchmarks submitted by users
Breast Cancer Action
InterNIC Directory and Database Services -- Most important place on the Net
Project Bartleby -- Hypertext versions of classic books
The Song of Hiawatha -- text of Longfellow's Poem (nothing to do with historical Hiawatha)
The World Factbook 1995 -- CIA Information on every country of the world
WWW fingerinfo 4.1 -- Finger sites for weather, earthquakes, etc.
WWW Virtual Library for Medieval Studies

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
Barony of Settmour Swamp -- Local SCA Barony in NJ
Current Middle Ages Page -- The Society for Creative Anachronism
East Kingdom Home Page -- SCA East Kingdom News and Information
Rutgers University SCA (RUSCA) -- SCA group at Rutgers University
Society for Creative Anachronism -- Official WWW Site

Software (Free)
Coast to Coast Software Repository: MS-DOS Collection -- Very well indexed collection of DOS software.
DOWNLOAD.COM -- C|Net's huge database of software for download.
The Stardust WinSock Software Directory -- Large directory of TCP/IP software for Windows.
Windows95.com -- 32 Bit Shareware -- The largest collection of Win95 shareware!

Streaming Audio
Netspeak -- Developer of WebPhone®
RealAudio Home Page -- Great, popular, but expensive audio compression.
Zodiac Forcast for the Week (RealAudio) -- by Jonathan Cainer
DSP Group, Inc. -- TrueSpeech -- Best FREE audio compression.

Travel Information
Club Med -- The ultimate (but expensive) escape
Travel Channel Online Network -- Lots of travel offers and info

WWW Search Engines/Site Indexes
Alta Vista -- Digital's Fantastic WWW & Newsgroup search engine.
excite Netsearch -- text search of Web and newsgroups
GTE SuperPages(sm) Interactive Services -- 10 million businesses & 50,000 WWW sites
New Riders' World Wide Web Yellow Pages
Open Market's Commercial Sites Index
Spider's Web
Thigpen's Net-Surf Spots
Webaholics Home Page -- Lots of interesting links
Web Search -- Confusing searches, gateway to Weblint
WWWW - World Wide Web Worm -- Index of WWW sites
Yahoo WWW Site Index -- Best all-around WWW site index

Other Interesting Sites
Information SuperLibrary -- by Macmillan Computer Publishing USA
The Moan and Groan List! -- Complaints about computer products
NCSA Mosaic Home Page -- The original graphical Web browser.
TargumOnline: The Daily Targum on the Web -- College Newspaper of my alma mater
The Tennis Server Homepage -- All the tennis-related info you ever wanted
USENET Cookbook -- Great default home page for the PC in your kitchen
Weather Conditions/Forcast for Newark, NJ Area -- Check out the weather over here.
Ziff-Davis Net -- The computer publishing giant online

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