You've reached Komuves Consulting, the consulting business website for Christopher Komuves. I'm quite busy so I rarely even take on consulting projects nowadays. There are a few old odds and ends here still, but most of this site (which I orginally started in 1994) has fallen into obsolescence. For the most part, if you want to learn or connect with me nowadays (including seeing my current CV), you can try:

Chris Komuves Home PageChristopher Komuves's Personal Home Page

Here are a few old odds and ends that are still marginally relevant, or possible of historical interest:

Apache SSL Tuning for Solaris
Guide for getting the best performance out of Apache SSL running on Solaris 9.
Komuves Consulting Anti-Spam Campaign
Information on Komuves Consulting's policies against unsolicited commercial email, including a list of domains and email addresses currently banned.
Table of HTML Codes for Special Characters
Table of HTML entities which can be used in Web pages to display special characters. Based on the HTML 3.2 Reference Specification.

There's also some really old stuff that's not currently useful and much of which doesn't even work any more after switching to newer machines (some of this was originally compiled on SPARC/Solaris!)

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