You've reached Komuves Consulting, the consulting business web page for Christopher Komuves. I have been writing web-based software applications since 1993, including a couple of large-scale financial applications that were each responsibile for transferring billions of dollars, an internal social media web application for Lucent Technologies before Facebook even existed, and a video-sharing social networking web site, among others. I also did professional computer and network security work and UNIX systems administration. I did lots of cutting-edge work for the years I was an MTS in Bell Labs Research. You can look at my CV for more details.

Nowadays, I offer consulting services to develop web applications and even plain websites, as well as low-cost website hosting ($5 a month for low-volume sites), UNIX/Linux systems administration and computer security services. I typically use LAMP for development (Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl) as well as JavaScript,though I used to program in Node.js and other languages.

If you are interested in hiring me for a job, please feel free to contact me. Below are some of my sites.

There's also very old stuff that's not currently useful (some of this was originally compiled on SPARC/Solaris!)

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