Old Stuff

This is a random collection of old stuff I wrote that I didn't completely delete because it has or perhaps will be interesting in some way. Don't expect anything here to work properly, though it might.

Komuves Consulting Anti-Spam Campaign
Information on Komuves Consulting's policies against unsolicited commercial email, including a list of domains and email addresses currently banned.
Table of HTML Codes for Special Characters
Table of HTML entities which can be used in Web pages to display special characters. Based on the HTML 3.2 Reference Specification.
Apache SSL Tuning for Solaris
Guide for getting the best performance out of Apache SSL running on Solaris 9.
Apartment Rental
Apartment rental in Chaplin, CT.
HTML Validator
Validates the HTML at any URL you specify for correct syntax and style. Best now to use the W3C Markup Validator
Links to Other Interesting Sites
(hey, it was the 1990s!)
Internet Whois
Comprehensive Internet whois utility that will provide information for any hostname.
Microsoft Violates Standards
Documentation on some ways that I have found that Microsoft violates standards. This page is not viewable using MSIE versions up to 5.5, due to a bug in MSIE!
Play Welcome Original greeting on my website in 1995
Recorded on a Sun Sparc 10 pizzabox.