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This will allow you to check the validity of the HTML on a given Web page by entering its URL. When you click the "VALIDATE HTML" button, it will open up a second browser window with a report of any potential syntax or style errors it finds in the HTML, along with an optional numbered display of the source code of that page in a separate frame.

It will check for compliance to HTML 3.2, allowing optional extensions for Netscape Navigator 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. Since this is a lint checker, it can be very picky, which is why there are options to enable and disable several of its checks. Just because a warning message is printed for a particular line does not always mean the HTML for that line is invalid--it only means that it can't parse the code in that line using the HTML rules that it knows and is enabled for.

This application currently uses Weblint 1.020 by Neil Bowers. The first implimentation of a Web interface to Weblint was "WWWeblint", written by my friend Clay Webster, which partly inspired this work.

Copyright ©1998 by Christopher S. Komuves